Taxes, Customs and Duties – Taxes on Imported Goods

Regarding Taxes on Imported Goods

We would like to clearly inform you that we don’t add extra charges. Taxes, VAT, and hidden charges are EXCLUDED to what you pay us, once we receive your payment. We would like to inform you that your exact payment for the product(s) that you ordered can be seen on the checkout page. This is the goods subtotal and the shipping cost combined together.

Regarding Taxes on a Specific Country

We understand that you have questions regarding specific tax rates applied for a certain country. We would like to clearly inform you that such laws and charters regarding international laws about taxes differ from every country. In its plain and categorical sense, we understand that taxes are randomly executed for a specific matter with the basis of the international law of that said country. What we can assure you that EXCLUDE taxes, VAT and hidden charges from the payment that we receive from you.

Responsibility of Our Valued Customers

We are not liable to have full knowledge and specificity of the taxes applied to your specific country. However, if it would be a need for you to know such details, it would be your primordial responsibility to have full and factual knowledge about the facts for that matter. We are willing and ready to comply and follow the legalities regarding proper labeling and packing of the products to be delivered, the declarations and the invoices needed. Please do not hesitate to inform us. We are gladly here to continuously serve you.