Kigurumi Pajamas

Looking for high quality Kigurumi Pajamas or Kigurumi Costumes? Check out our Kigurumi selection to find a perfect one and start saving big today!

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You will enjoy the comfort and warmth that the Kigurumi Collection which we have in would cater to your body. Wear your favorite Kigurumi which is definitely more than just the ordinary blend of comfortable pajamas. Experience a cuddly, snuggly, soft and warm comfort zone. Kigurumi utilizes a full-body animal suit, also known as disguise pajamas, wherein full-body animal pajamas with hoods or hats are styled like animals or sometimes like certain cartoon characters. Kigurumi clothing is normally worn as a fashion statement in Japan and the wearers of this clothing are known as kigurumi. Kigurumi is a Japanese name for costumed performers who represent animals or sometimes, cartoon characters. You can wear it indoors when you do you house chores or wear it outdoors and surprise people with your outfit. Wearing it in social events will surely capture the attention of the people with the increase your appeal.